Meet UnitedCoR’s New Grassroots and Outreach Coordinator

by Susan
Education Officer and National Coordinator–United Coalition of Reason

As UnitedCoR is continuing to grow, we’ve needed to increase our staff to help us serve local communities even better. After advertising for a Grassroots and Outreach Coordinator vacancy, we are pleased to announce Melissa Pugh’s appointment and to introduce her to secular communities.

Melissa isn’t new to nontheistic outreach, though. She was formerly the president of the Atheist Alliance of America (AAofA), and has been an activist by participating in protests organized by the two Iowa CoRs. Melissa was also on the editorial board for AAofA’s Secular Nation magazine, and she’s already written a number of articles for UnitedCoR’s newsletter the past two months, including this exclusive interview with world-renown biologist, Dr. Jerry Coyne, author of the Why Evolution is True blog. Melissa is also a speaker at this year’s California Freethought Day in Sacramento (Sunday, October 16th).

Part of Melissa’s role as the Grassroots and Outreach Coordinator is to keep regular contact with local CoRs and to help raise their visibility. She can also assist local coordinators to identify, recruit, train, develop and promote local volunteer leaders and activists. Melissa can also help you with local marketing, communications and public relations.

If you have some interesting events taking place in your area, please email Melissa and let her know what’s going on and how UnitedCoR can help advertise it to bring in as many people as possible. You can also follow Melissa on Twitter!