Media Advisory: Godless Groups to Gather at Stewart’s “Rally to Restore Sanity”

At 11:00 AM Saturday morning, October 30, atheists, agnostics, humanists, Pastafarians, and other nontheistic types from all over the country will come together for Jon Stewart’s "Rally to Restore Sanity" on the National Mall in Washington DC. Organized by the Washington DC Area Coalition of Reason (Washington CoR), which launched last week, these unique activists will form behind a "Coalition of Reason" banner. A number of them will be available for press interviews.

Their participation in the Jon Stewart rally is combined with the Washington CoR bus shelter ads placed near the National Mall that read "Don’t Believe in God? Join the club." The 67"x46" ads feature the words superimposed over an image of a blue sky and fluffy clouds. There are plans to do group photos in front of these bus shelters.

The 13 area groups participating in Washington CoR are Camp Quest Chesapeake, Capital Beltway Atheists, Center for Inquiry DC, DC Atheists Meetup Group, DC Atheist Women, District of Columbia Atheists, Inc., Gay Atheists of Washington (GAWD), Machar: The Washington Congregation for Secular Humanistic Judaism, Maryland-DC and Northern Virginia chapters of Washington Area Secular Humanists, Northern Virginia Ethical Society, Secular Student Alliance at Howard University and University of Maryland Freethought. Friends of Washington CoR are Loudoun Atheist, the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science and the Secular Student Alliance at George Mason University.

WHO: Washington CoR Coordinator Shelley Mountjoy, Washington CoR Media Rep. Steve Lowe, United Coalition of Reason National Director Fred Edwords and others.

— Shelley Mountjoy is coordinator of the Washington DC Area Coalition of Reason and a long-time area group organizer. She has an M.S. in telecommunications from George Mason University and is working on her doctorate.

— Steve Lowe serves on the board of directors of Washington Area Secular Humanists, is a graduate of the University of Virginia and George Washington University, is a former Peace Corps volunteer and is retired from the telecommunications industry.

— Fred Edwords heads the United Coalition of Reason (UnitedCoR), an organization that promotes local cooperation among humanist and freethought groups in cities across the United States. He is also a former executive director of the American Humanist Association.

— Joining Washington CoR will be leaders and members of local groups from other cities that are part of coalitions (or CoRs) in their areas. There are now 29 such coalitions around the country. But a number of people will also be coming from newer coalitions still in their formative stages.

WHAT: Coalition of Reason gathering at the :Rally to Restore Sanity" on the National Mall in the Washington D.C.

WHEN: Saturday, October 30, 2010. Coalition of Reason gathers between 10:30 and 11:00 AM. Rally begins at Noon.

WHERE: Coalition of Reason participants will gather, along with those of the American Humanist Association, in front of the Navy Memorial facing Pennsylvania Avenue near 7th Street and walk down 7th together to the National Mall starting at 11:00 AM.

WHY: Many nontheists–atheists, agnostics and others who subscribe to no religion or whose religion is without a god–wish to reach other to others of like mind. And in the same way that traditionally religious people gather with fellow congregants for fellowship, nontheists like to gather with others like themselves. Come learn more about people who don’t believe in a god and why they have come together in coalitions of reason in Washington DC and all over America.

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For hi-res images of the bus shelter ads, free for media use, and the locations of each shelter, go to .

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For more information contact:

Shelley Mountjoy
Coordinator, Washington CoR
[email protected]

Steve Lowe
Media Rep., Washington CoR
[email protected]

Fred Edwords
National Director
United Coalition of Reason
[email protected]