Logic in La La Land

In support of the scientific skeptic movement, LogiCal-LA creates a place for critical thinkers to meet face-to-face and to experience presentations from nationally recognized speakers who will share their knowledge and insights with us. Come join us from February 9—11, 2018 as we build a nationwide community at Los Angeles’ only annual conference for skeptics.

Those who attend are interested in the discovery of new ideas, examining the natural world, and learning how to distinguish between what is probably true and those claims that have little or weak evidence. People who want to promote scientific education and critical thinking skills are the backbone of this special conference!

Freethought Alliance is the parent organization for LogiCal-LA, and is a 501[c](3) organization all contributions are tax deductible. All financial contributions made toward LogiCal-LA will pay for expenses generated by the production of the LogiCal-LA conference. There are zero administration costs, and all profits from LogiCal-LA are rolled over to fund next year’s conference: LogiCal-LA is largely produced through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

LogiCal-LA is a conference that is enjoyable, illuminating and educational for everyone participating. Please be kind and professional, and respect people’s privacy and boundaries. Interaction between people can be complex. Please give each other the benefit of the doubt: if something bothers you, consider explaining, in case there has been a misunderstanding.  Regardless, any LogiCal-LA participant asked to stop an unwelcome behavior is expected to do so immediately.

LogiCal-LA will be a harassment-free experience. All participants, including speakers, entertainers, organizers, volunteers and attendees are expected to abide by this code of conduct during the entire LogiCal-LA event, including when present at any conference venues, and at all conference-related social events and activities, even when not officially organized by the conference. LogiCal-LA participants are expected to obey all local, state and federal laws.

There will also be a lot of entertainment during the weekend conference. Saturday evening will feature “ComiCal” with a fantastic night of comedy by Los Angeles-area skeptical comedians. Sunday evening will feature “MusiCal” with a performance of original songs, stories, and interesting covers.

The post-conference event will take place on Monday, February 12th when Darwin Day will be celebrated with a private tour to La Brea Tar Pits. The tour will include a 3D movie and special viewing of the observation pit. This tour has limited attendance, so please reserve your space early!

Discounted room prices are $139 (discounted hotel rate is only available until January 26, 2018). Book your stay directly with the hotel by calling 1-888-236-2427, or book online through the below link.

Sign up for the party, conference, shows, and/or the field trip individually, or purchase a package at LogiCal-LA’s website and Facebook.