Local Media Response

Now that reporters from across the Central Valley have covered our billboards, we're please to aggregate their stories here for everyone to enjoy:

We've also appeared in two blogs, the Stockton Record
who covered our story and The Friendly Atheist.

Sadly, our sister group in Fresno has also been making the news because their
billboard has been vandalized.

Community Quotes

"What we are doing is no different than from what religious organizations do – try to build a community," David Diskin, SJ Valley COR Spokesperson

"Thankfully in this country we have laws and we have principles and one of the greatest principles is freedom of speech," Imam Aziz, Islamic Center

"I think that by me personally raising my profile, I hope I can kind of give people an example. Here's an atheist who has a family, 2.5 kids and a happy
marriage and works hard for a living." David Prothero, Group Member