Local blogger featured on Friendly Atheist

 Ian Cromwell, a local blogger and active member of Vancouver CoR affiliate CFI Vancouver, was featured today on the Friendly Atheist blog.

His piece, entitled "No, this is how we get more black people involved in the atheist movement," is a response to a student-submitted post that was posted on Friendly Atheist while Hemant Mehta was on vacation recently.

In his article, Cromwell argues that atheists cannot just approach diversity outreach with a "Field of Dreams" approach. He prefers an active approach to getting new members, where it’s not enough to make your group welcoming, but you need to identify the reasons a minority group isn’t coming out, and then we need to make a concerted effort to correct those injustices.

Cromwell blogs at Crommunist Manifesto and Canadian Atheist. He is active with CFI Vancouver.

Congrats to Cromwell for getting this important message out there. If you hear of other Vancouver atheists or skeptics in the news, let me know.