More than 35,000 Worldwide Secular Events

Have you seen UnitedCoR’s calendar of events on our website or in our mobile app? There are more than 35,000 secular-friendly events listed for the next 3 months!

For instance, did you know that Portland Coalition of Reason’s cooperating group—Portland Sunday Assembly—is hosting a Winter Wonder Gala on December 17th at 4-7pm? It’s being held at the Lagunitas Community Room in Portland, 237 NE Broadway. The tickets are $10, and are available via their Facebook page and at the actual event. They will have food, a raffle, games for students, a trivia contest, and music from their band called the “Non Prophets.”

If you find yourself in the Detroit Coalition of Reason’s Metro area, be sure to check out the Muslimish conference on December 9th at the Center for Secular Humanism. The theme is “Secular Identity in Our Muslim Communities”, and will be a platform for Muslimish members and other participants to discuss humanistic thought, share personal experiences with leaving or questioning Islam, and reflect on challenges they face as a secular community in advancing our goals to protect the rights of apostates in the US and abroad. They will also hold interactive workshops on the status of LGBTQ people in Muslim communities, forming peer support groups, and secular journalism within Muslim communities. Final tickets are available at for $20. (Keep in touch with Muslimish on Facebook and Twitter for more details!)

Also in Detroit, the Southeast Michigan AHA Chapter meets on the third Sunday of every month (except July) at 12:30 for snacks & hospitality, and at noon there’s a very brief meeting when the Board gives a run-down on the business of the Chapter. They also have a speaker on a variety of topics that interest Humanists and have two parties a year: a summer picnic and a winter holiday party. On November 19th, they sponsored a special event whereby people had an opportunity to hold a Talking Stick from the Navaho tradition, and tell what their experience had been “coming out” as a Humanist/Atheist. Everyone is welcome to future events, and they hope to see you there! (The Humanists of Southeast Michigan have a roster of over 800 people, and they’d love to have YOU attend!! Check them out on MeetUp.)

If you’re interested in these events, or to find others in over 300 worldwide local communities, check out events that are coming up for the next THREE MONTHS in our free web-based calendar (, where you can look for events near you—or in many places around the world—and find something that interests you. If there isn’t something that piques your interest, just make a new event on your group’s Facebook, Google Calendar, or Meetup page, and the UnitedCoR calendar will automatically pick it up and list it for free. (If you want more information, email us—we’d be happy to help you expand your outreach, and to use our resources to help you grow your membership!)