Join us in asking the SD Padres to create an “It Gets Better” video

Every day, children and teens are bullied and made fun of. This is especially true for teens in Middle School and High School who are gay or lesbian, or who are perceived to be gay or lesbian. The bullying is sometimes so cruel and unrelenting that children commit suicide.

As leaders of our community, and role models to thousands of children and teens, it would mean a great deal if the San Diego Padres took a stand on this issue, and created an "It Gets Better Video", which is bound to go viral.

Recently, a petition like this one was created to ask the San Francisco Giants to become involved. They became the first team in professional sports to produce an "It Gets Better" video taking a stand against anti-gay bullying. VIEW VIDEO

This is a WIN-WIN-WIN proposition.  A WIN for our children.  A WIN for the Padres organization.  And, a WIN for a future free of bigotry and hatred.

Please, sign this petition to protect our children!  Thank you.

Debbie Allen
Padres Fan and Native San Diegan
Director SDCoR

Published by

San Diego Coalition of Reason

Debbie Allen Local Coordinator