Iowa Humanist Group Donates Scientific Equipment to Local Middle School

Iowa humanist group

(Cedar Rapids, IA, April 19, 2016) On Saturday, April 16, the Humanists of Linn County (HLC), a cooperating group in the Eastern Iowa Coalition of Reason, donated over $600 worth of high-quality scientific equipment to the McKinley Middle School Science Department. The Iowa Humanist group presented science teacher John Bradley with a Van de Graff Generator, clamp lamps with aluminum reflectors, a Seasonal Demonstration Globe, and a Solar System Simulator. The presentation was made at the Blue Strawberry Coffee Company, 118 2nd St SE #100, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401.

“One of our primary goals when we formed Humanists of Linn County a year ago was to find a way to provide support for science, philosophy, and critical thinking in our local community,” said Roxanne Gissler, president of the Humanists of Linn County. “Donating science equipment to schools, which can always use support, is just one important step toward our goal and local commitment. We chose McKinley Middle School to receive our first donation because one of our members has a child going there and we thought it would be appropriate from that standpoint. Once we had their ‘wish list’ of equipment, it only took us a few hours to have enough donations to purchase everything on the list: more than $600 worth of equipment. We plan to make yearly donations to schools in Linn County, because as Humanists, we strive to lead ethical lives of personal fulfilment that aspire to the greater good of humanity. Science, philosophy, and the liberal arts are disciplines that contribute significantly to this greater good and we are happy to provide whatever tangible support we can to the education of our children in these areas.”

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The Humanists of Linn County (HLC) is a chapter of the American Humanist Association and works to protect the rights of humanists, atheists, and other non-religious Iowans in Linn County and the surrounding area. The HLC advances the ethical and life-affirming philosophy of humanism, which—without beliefs in any gods or other supernatural forces—encourages individuals to live informed and meaningful lives that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

The Eastern Iowa Coalition of Reason is made up of eight Iowa atheist, freethought, and humanist groups working together in the Eastern Iowa area. Eastern Iowa CoR’s twin goals are to foster a sense of community among the like minded and raise public awareness that people who don’t believe in a god or gods can be decent citizens who contribute to the larger society.

The United Coalition of Reason is a non-profit organization that helps local non-theistic groups work together to achieve higher visibility, increase membership, and have a greater impact in their local areas.

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For more information, contact:

Joe Stutler
Public Relations Director
Humanists of Linn County
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UnitedCoR’s Executive Director
Executive Director (headquartered in Washington, DC)
United Coalition of Reason
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