In Reason We Trust Oklahoma Vehicle License Plate

Tulsa World Staff Writer, David Harper, wrote the article In God We Trust and Gus regarding the In God We Trust license plate for motor vehiches:

"When it appeared that the recently authorized Oklahoma ‘In God We Trust’ license tags might not be made because of lack of sales, Gus Oliver stepped up to the plate [and] ordered 40 of the plates earlier this month, guaranteeing that the minimum number of 100 would be sold by the April 30 deadline."

Gus Oliver knew that the plates would not be made if the minimum order of 100 was not met by April 30. Harper wrote:

"Before Oliver made his $600 purchase, it appeared that while a poll earlier this year showed most Oklahomans believe in God, they apparently didn’t feel the need to advertise that trust on their license plates."

Gus Oliver informed Harper that the In God We Trust plate, "holds special significance for him as a Christian."

John Benson of Broken Arrow also had an interest in the In God We Trust plates being manufacted. Harper wrote:

"He [Benson] said he is ‘thrilled’ that the minimum has been exceeded thanks to Oliver’s largess. Without such an effort, he said Oklahomans might have ‘lost out on the opportunity’ to demonstrate their faith on their tag."

Evidently there is a lack of interest in the In God We Trust plates. Perhaps most Christians believe a tag frame or bumper sticker is sufficient.

"The 63-year-old had previously said it ‘shocked the dickens out of me’ when he heard of the lack of response to the plates. Both Oliver and Benson said they believe a lot of people have just forgotten the plates are available."

The members at the Tulsa Coalition of Reason also have an interest in a speciality plate. which will read, "In Reason We Trust." So far 110 people have signed up to have this speciality plate made.

Believe it or not that 110 is not enough people because the state will require that between 500 and 700 people need to agree to buy the In Reason We Trust plate before the state will agree to manufacture it. TulsaCoR is aiming to gather a list of 750 to be safe and then present this list to the state of Oklahoma.

The image above is an example of what a ‘In Reason We Trust’ license plate may look like. The actual design has not been completed nor approved. Please keep checking back for more details.

To get license plates in Oklahoma with the phrase, ‘In Reason We Trust’ 750 citizens of Oklahoma will need to agree to purchase the plate. This plate will be between $15 to $20. More information will be provided at a later time.

Currently we are collecting a list of names for those interested in purchasing a ‘In Reason We Trust’ license plate.

This information is being provided to make those who may be interested aware that we are working on having the state of Oklahoma make license plates that attribute trust to reason.