Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area Meeting Report

Fred Edwords
Sailing on the Rising Tide of Humanism

Having met with leaders of the various Sacramento area freethought groups in the morning, Fred Edwords addressed nearly thirty of us at our afternoon HAGSA meeting. Mr. Edwords, who has held both executive director and communications director positions in the AHA, is currently the leader of the United Coalition of Reason (United CoR).

Mr. Edwords used a PowerPoint® presentation to inform us of public relations activities that he and other members of the humanist community are engaged in under the United CoR umbrella. These activities include billboards in fixed locations and on public buses. He said that the humanist movement is in a "sweet spot" right now due to all the public attention focused on freethought in its various manifestations. It is in our interest to take advantage of this situation before the media move on and we become old news.

One of Mr. Edwords’ most memorable statements was, "Humanism is the ‘Now what?’ that follows atheism." Now is the time for us, now that Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins, and others have captured the public’s attention.

After a question and answer session and a brief break, Mr. Edwords conducted a seminar on public relations for the fifteen of us who remained. We wound up the day with a feeling of deep appreciation for his work.

Report prepared by Roger Zabkie