‘Hand of God’ Draws Atheists’ Anger

Letters to the Union-Tribune, Feb. 8 2013

I offer to the U-T this challenge: prove that God exists. In all of history, every test conducted by scientific means using double-blind methods has failed to show any proof of an existence of God. Only anecdotes and faith have been put forth to justify the existence of such an entity. – Jeff Archer, president, Atheist Coalition of San Diego, La Mesa

Am I the only one to observe an ironic “unintended consequence” in Breen’s latest contribution to the atheists’ billboard wars in San Diego? Here we have the best (only?) response to a belief in God, a mysterious and cartoonlike hand, descending from the heaven’s, to verify God’s existence? Unfortunately, such a divine gesture has never happened, and likely never will, citing the need to rely on a depiction of the unreal to verify the real – a mythology reminiscent of all those Greek gods dillydallying in the lives of mere mortals.

This mental model would remain a quaint reminder of the role the divine has played throughout history, whether referring to one, or many, gods, were it not for a disturbing element. Elsewhere in the same edition was an article, “Egyptian cleric justifies sex assaults on women.” When such “men of god” provide their own interpretation of that hand of god, in contemporary society, people die based on such convictions of their supernatural being. Atheists are not likely to find the need to justify sexual assault based on religious edicts. – Michael Ondrusek, Pacific Beach

Love Steve Breen’s cartoon. Secularists keep drowning in their own logic: “Man trying to make a monkey out of himself.” – Cesar Lopez, Chula Vista

Steve Breen’s cartoon on Feb. 8 was really empty. It took no thought at all, and really made no comment beyond “Steve Breen drinks the Christian Kool-Aid.”

We’re “mistaken?” PROVE IT! Oh, right – you can’t. That’s where faith comes in. And if the GOP taught us anything, it is that faith is no replacement for science, and superstition is no replacement for logic.

Without science, the Earth would be 6,000 years old and populated by people, dinosaurs and, according to Ray Comfort, whales with “breathing gills.”

Without science, women’s bodies have a way of rejecting pregnancy during rape.

Without science, we hear pastors declaring that gays should be “locked up to prevent them from reproducing.”

Are you beginning to see where I’m going here? Ignorance and superstition breeds more of the same, and before you know it, you’re burning people as witches and wearing trinkets to ward off the Chupacabra.

It is a sad commentary on your pet cartoonist that he has to resort to simple-minded satire rather than something clever and thought provoking, but religion seems to short-circuit people’s intelligence. – Barbara Graham, San Diego

The Breen cartoon was utter nonsense. After 2,000 years of praying, not one verified prayer or other supernatural event has been verified. An estimated 40 million Americans are daily vilified because they do not believe in religion or other superstitious things.

Erasing words on a sign calling attention to silliness ill serves your paper and our community! – Keith Taylor, Chula Vista

It’s really nice to know that Mr. Breen knows the mind of God. – Gilbert E. Field, San Diego

What is wrong with not believing in God? – Doug Peterson, San Diego

Steve Breen shows insecurity about his own religious beliefs because certitude contradicts faith, which by its nature, leaves room for doubt.

The religious have had over 2,000 years to make their case about the existence of God and still we have hundreds, if not thousands, of different denominations all explaining their versions of what God is. All are different and apparently not all that convincing for a growing number of people.

Breen’s shallowness shows that he can’t comprehend the possibility that God may not exist, or is at least man-made. He is threatened by a billboard that offers an alternate view and he vilifies all people who don’t buy in to the constant inundation of God messages that pervade society.

Atheism may be a minority view, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. — Rob Cohen, San Diego

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San Diego Coalition of Reason

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