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Our Billboard Picture in a Secular Video


Our billboard picture was used in a pro-secular video titled Secularists: Say What You Need to Say. Click the title to see it on YouTube. Our picture is at the 4:11 mark. As you can see, we're in pretty good company!

Sharing Stories: Clubs allow friends to bond over books

 By Kaitlin Bushinski for the Dominion Post, Life and Leisure section, 1-E, Sunday November 8, 2009 For those seeking more active engagement with literature, starting a book club can be a fun and rewarding way to do just that, while meeting new

Coalition of Reason promotes atheism in West Virginia

By Ben Adducchio - West Virginia Public Broadcasting  Listen to the audio and read the article here. October 22, 2009:  A West Virginia group of non-believers is encouraging atheists to speak their mind in Morgantown. Electronic billboar

Morgantown Atheists Joins American Atheists

 Morgantown Atheists are now an affiliate of American Atheists. We were contacted by the West Virginia State director, Charles Pique, because of the attention of our beautiful billboard. You can see us on the AA map here.

Press Coverage of Morgantown Billboard

Coalition of atheists puts out call on billboard September 29, 2009 - Charleston Gazette Godless WV Groups Organize Around Morgantown Billboard September 29, 2009 -   WVa billboard asks: 'Don't believe in God?'

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