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Announcement: Day of Solidarity for Black Non-Believers


The annual Day of Solidarity, scheduled for the 4th Sunday of February, was conceived by Humanists of Houston member Donald Wright.  Read on to learn his hopes for this event inspired by Black History Month, and for more information about this opport

Open Letter to the Secular Community by Houstonian Donald Wright

  Humanists of Houston member Donald Wright has written an open letter to the secular community with thanks for our support of the National Day of Solidarity, and a message to those who didn't support the event.  Show your support of this

Secular Buddhist Podcast Features Houston Humanist

  DT Strain, former Humanists of Houston president, humanist minister, and founder of the Humanist Contemplatives Meetup group, discusses humanism in Texas as a guest on The Secular Buddhist Podcast.   From the episode description, " Agnostic/Atheist Readers’ Choice Awards


o won last year's contests.  Voting closes on March 21st and you can only vote once per day per category, so hurry!

Atheist Woodstock: Hitchens & Dawkins Together in Houston


For crissake, the Hyatt Regency downtown is going to be one godforsaken place next month. Continue reading on    

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