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The Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason sues over bus ad rejections


KTHV Channel 11 News (Video) The Central Arkansas Coalition of Reason, a collection of 10 area atheist and agnostic groups, wanted to purchase bus advertising, inviting inquirers to consider joining any of the groups in the coalition.

Atheists sue Transit Authority for rejecting bus ads

Fox 16 News (Video) LITTLE ROCK, AR - An atheist group is taking Central Arkansas Transit Authority to federal court saying the bus system and its advertising agency On The Move Advertisement are denying their free speech rights by rejecting a prop

Atheists Sue Little Rock’s Transit Authority for Rejecting Godless Bus Ads

For Immediate Release (Little Rock, Arkansas, June 1, 2011) A federal lawsuit was filed today against the Central Arkansas Transit Authority (CATA) and its advertising agent, On the Move Advertising, for declining to run $5,260.00 worth of bus ads aimed

Judge OKs Winter Solstice Display at Arkansas Capitol


By JILL ZEMAN BLEED Associated Press Writer 14 December 2009 LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A secular display celebrating the winter solstice and "freethinkers" such as Albert Einstein and Bill Gates can be placed at the state Capitol alongside a tr

ACLU Sues Arkansas Secretary of State for Banning Winter Solstice Display from Capitol Grounds

For Immediate Release 10 December 2009   LITTLE ROCK, AR –The ACLU of Arkansas filed a federal lawsuit today charging Arkansas Secretary ofState Charlie Daniels with violating the free speech rights of The Arkansas Society of Freethinkers by

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