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Secular Student Alliance Advisory Board Chair, Harvard Humanist Chaplain releases book on humanism


Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University, offers a look into the nonreligious community with his new release Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe. The book is the latest in a long line of secular pieces that hav

New T ads reach out to Hub’s nonbelievers; Atheist group has similar campaigns in cities across US


 from "Beside ads beckoning believers to explore Islam, attend services at the Boston Chinese Evangelical Church, or learn about the healing powers of Christian Science, the walls of the city’s subway cars will make room thi

Rebel with a cause In ‘Good Without God,’ Greg Epstein introduces Humanism

from the Harvard Gazette   "Chaplain Greg Epstein of the Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy isn’t your typical clergy member. For one thing, he doesn’t believe in God. For another, he used to be a rock star. Epstein was a college student

Greg Epstein, Atheist Superstar Can Harvard’s humanist chaplain save nonbelief from itself?

"Once an intellectual taboo, atheism has become one of the great growth industries of the third millennium. Combative atheist titles like Christopher Hitchens's God Is Not Great, Richard Dawkins's The God Delusion, and Sam Harris's The End of Faith

Original “Good without God” Press Release

 10.26.09: Boston Area Coalition of Reason: Godless Ads Now on the Boston Subway For Immediate Release Godless Ads Now on the Boston Subway (Boston, October 26, 2009) "Good without God? Millions of Americans Are." These words are part o

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