Godless Community Booth Is Coming to Blue Ridge Pride Festival


September 29, 2015


Members of the West North Carolina Coalition of Reason will hold a community booth at the Blue Ridge Pride Festival on Saturday, October 3rd, with an Ask-An-Atheist booth. The booth features Skeptic, Freethinking, Humanist, and Atheist literature both for adults and children, and a group of friendly, happy, healthy, productive, tax-paying atheists to answer your questions about what it is like to not have a deity watching and waiting: ready to send someone to hell at the smallest wrong transgression.

The West North Carolina Coalition of Reason, along with their affiliates:
– West North Carolina Humanists (www.meetup.com/WNC-Humanists)
– West North Carolina Atheists (www.meetup.com/WNC-Atheists)
– West North Carolina Recovering From Religion (www.meetup.com/WNC-Recovering-from-Religion)

Blue Ridge Pride Festival, Pack Square Park, 121 College Street, Asheville NC, 28801.

Saturday, October 3rd from 11:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Non-theism is more than just realizing that our society, the world and our universe is a bigger, brighter and more amazing place than all the make-believe ideas. The table allows people to make connections with others of sincerely-held belief in the community, and do something more than just wishing things would change. When we stand together at events like this, it gives a voice to non-theistic people, and encourages others to stand up for who they are. That is what makes atheist and non-believers so exciting, and that is that we don’t have a dogma to guide us but our own logic and reason.

More information about Blue Ridge Pride can be found at: https://www.z2systems.com/np/clients/blueridgepride/event.jsp?event=41&.


Western North Carolina Coalition of Reason at www.WNCCoR.org is made up of atheist, freethought, and humanist groups working together in the Western North Carolina area. Their twin goals are to foster a sense of community among the like-minded and raise public awareness that people who don’t believe in a god or gods can be decent citizens who contribute to the larger society.

The United Coalition of Reason at www.UnitedCoR.org is a non-profit organization that helps local non-theistic groups work together to achieve higher visibility, increase membership, and have a greater impact in their local areas.


For more information, please contact:

Geri Weaver
Coordinator—Western North Carolina Coalition of Reason
(828) 215-9977
[email protected]

UnitedCoR’s Executive Director
Executive Director
United Coalition of Reason (based in Washington, DC)
(202) 744-1553
[email protected]