Freeway Billboard Has Controversial Message

A shocking new billboard is sure to grab a lot of attention. It’s scheduled to go up along side a San Diego freeway this week.

The billboard will feature a picture of blue sky with puffs of clouds and the words, "Don’t believe in God? You’re not alone." It is being paid for by the San Diego Coalition of Reason, which is made up of nine non-religious groups including atheists and other non-believers. It will go up on Interstate 8 in La Mesa near the 70th Street and Lake Murray exit.

"We suspect that everyone driving by that billboard will have a reaction," said Debbie Skomer, the organization’s coordinator. "Everyone has had a thought about God, what they think about God, what they believe about God, and whether or not they believe in God."

"I’m a Christian, and I was raised to believe in God," Jessica Wleh of Mission Valley said after being shown a mockup of the billboard. "If I saw something like this, I would be very angry, extremely angry!"

"It’s real negative," Brian Burns of North Park told Fox 5. "I think that’s half of the reason of what’s wrong with the world now: people like that with these crazy beliefs."

Skomer said the group’s intent is not to offend anyone, but rather to let non-believers know they’re not alone.

by Walter Makaula FOX 5 San Diego Staff


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