Fred Edwords Takes Helm of New Organization

United Coalition of Reason receives coverage in The New York Times (from Free Mind)

Fred Edwords, former director of communications for the American Humanist Association, has accepted the position of leading a new nontheistic organization. The United Coalition of Reason (United CoR), a project supported by the AHA, has been created for the purpose of developing coalitions of local humanist, freethought, atheist, Humanistic Jewish, and Ethical Culture organizations all over the country. These coalitions will be modeled on the successful Philadelphia Coalition of Reason.

The goal of United CoR is to foster mutual communication and joint projects among local groups–large or small, affiliated with any parent organization or none. And the way this is done is through United CoR sharing its public relations expertise and providing funding for local publicity.

United CoR offers free public relations and media training to the leaders of local groups existing in a single metropolitan area. United CoR then funds a high profile publicity campaign in that area: a billboard, advertising placards on buses or trains, a series of newspaper ads, or anything else likely to grab media attention. The campaign directs the general public to a coalition website hosted by United CoR but run by local activists. This website acts as a clearing house for the local groups, allowing users to click through to the website of the specific group or groups of their choice.

In his new job, Edwords hit the ground running by helping create the Dallas-Fort Worth Community of Reason on March 26. Also known as DFW CoR, the coalition was formed around two billboards. For details on the member groups in DFW CoR, the nature of the billboards, and the publicity generated, go to the coalition’s Web site at Since then, United CoR was mentioned in an April 27 article in The New York Times.

In addition to this new position, Edwords will continue to remain a consultant to the American Humanist Association, maintain his involvement with the Humanist magazine, and volunteer his support for our work.

If you’d like to help develop a coalition in your area, e-mail [email protected].