For Religious Leaders

Are you a religious leader? UnitedCoR wants to work with you!

Our groups don’t proselytize. Instead they seek to make connections and come to common understanding with religious organizations. We live in a multicultural society and seek to build interfaith respect and understanding.

We have so much more in common as people than we have differences! We agree with you that community, contemplation, and morality are key to human flourishing.

UnitedCoR has joined many interfaith organizations and partners with religious organizations at the national and local level, to:

  • Promote knowledge and tolerance of religious minorities, including secularism, in families, communities, and government
  • Lessen government interference with religion,
  • Solve community problems as part of interfaith organizations, and
  • Do good in the community together.

Please contact us to discover our active programs and learn how UnitedCoR can help with yours.