Faith and Belief: The Emotional Connection

'Simplicity is a virtue’ is a truism that our parents might have said to us and simplicity is the theme in the blog ‘Faith and Belief: the Emotional Connection' by David Desmarais.  In looking to counter the religious assertion that religious dogma had value, Dave realized that religion is more than 90% about emotion. So he decided to simply bypass all the religious dogma and attacked the heart of religious thought, the emotional process. He developed an argument to address the emotional connection that drives religion. Using two simple principles, Dave was able to identify the core errors in the religious thinking process.

Skeptics all use talking points when engaged in a conversation with religious believers. Using the two principles developed in this blog, any atheist can have an intelligent discussion with theists without having to know anything about the dogma of the religion. The principles are universal, in that they can work with every religion.


                                                                                    –Dave Desmarais
                                                                                    Las Vegas Coalition of Reason