Dr. Darrel Ray Speaking in Frisco, Colorado

Join us to hear Dr. Darrel Ray speak on his favorite topic -sex. Learn and laugh about religion’s crazy sexual ideas. Explore the role of sex and sexuality in religious infection. How does it impact your sex life and sexuality?

When: Thursday, March 21, 2013, 6:45pm
Where: Summit County Library 37 Peak One Drive, Frisco, CO

  • Why does human sex last so long?
  • Why are there different penis shapes and sizes?
  • What are the sexual strategies of chimps, humans & bonobos?
  • How does all of this relate to religion?

If these questions interest you, this this talk will give you the tools to understand religion and its’ power in you,and your sex life.

Dr. Ray discusses this and much more in this engaging and entertaining presentation.

Dr. Ray is a psychologist and student of religion, sociology and anthropology. He has spoken at universities and national events throughout North America, Ireland and the UK. He recently appeared on ABC News Nightline as an expert refuting Catholic exorcism. He is also founder and Chairman of the Board for Recovering from Religion and the Secular Therapist Project. His insights on religion and sex have been praised by authors and experts like Christopher Ryan, David Barash, Laci Green, Dan Barker, Frank Schaeffer and many others. His book, The God Virus has remained high in Science and Religion best sellers on Amazon for over three years. His new book Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality was released Jan.2012.

"Darrel gives an engaging, highly informative,fun, and at points hilarious presentation. You will be left wishing that there had been more time to explore with him all aspects of this dead on perspective of religion and its effects on all of us." — Dennis Horvitz, Host, NYC Atheists Live!

The event is FREE. Donations accepted.