Dave Shafer has designed high-tech optical systems for the past 52 years – telescopes, microscopes, cameras lenses, medical optics, etc. and has about 200 US and foreign patents. His professional career is based on questioning the unthinking assumptions that hinder effective problem solving. Dave gives seminars on systematic ways to “think outside the box” that can result in finding new solutions to problems in your professional and personal lives, using examples drawn from his long career (still going, by the way). One of his successes is that all state of the art computer chips in the world being made now are made using an unusual optical system that Dave invented 12 years ago – which costs $50 million each (many hundreds have been made) and has optical surfaces made by Zeiss with a precision of a few atoms. Several of Dave’s unusual telescopes have been on space flights to Saturn, Vesta, Ceres, and a comet.

Dave gives slideshow talks on a range of topics such as famous atheists, humanists, and skeptics who have made a big impact in their fields, like Jonas Salk, Richard Feynman, and Immanuel Velikovsky. In addition he has a special interest in looking for textual consistency in biblical analysis, leading to some surprising conclusions. Some of the one hour slideshow talks that Dave gives are

1) Richard Feynman, Physicist-Humanist
2)The Salk Polio Vaccine and the story behind the story
3) Immanuel Velikovsky – Disrupter of Worlds
4) The Surprising Genetic History of the Jewish People
5) The Ark of the Covenant – What was it, What was in it, and Where is it Now?
6) The Life of the famous Wit and Humanist Dorothy Parker
7) The Life and Wit of Humanist Nora Ephron
8) Snakes in the Bible
9) Maurice Sendak, Artist and Humanist
10) Spinoza – Rogue Humanist
11) Ancient Secret Codes and Wordplay in the Bible

Dave can be reached at [email protected].