Darwin Day CU Boulder 2012

Come celebrate Darwin Day with the Secular Student and Skeptics Society! In 2012 we are hosting a full day of lectures by some of CU's finest professors. The event will be in the museums dinosaur room all day with the exception of the movie, which will be in Hellems 199. The event is FREE and open to the public, so invite your friends!

The program starts at 10:00am on Feb 18th at University of Colorado at Boulder Museum of Natural History  

Our speakers include:  

10a – Carol Cleland "Scientific Theories of the Origin of Life: Puzzles and controversies"
11a – Vic Stenger "Is the Universe Designed for Us?"
12p – Phillip Gilley "The Evolution of Language"
1p – Lunch and Kids Activities
2p – Matt Young "How Morality Evolved"
3p – Herbert Covert "What the Fossil Record Reveals about Human Evolution"
4p – Doug Duncan "Life on Other Planets"
5p-7p Movie in Hellems 199

We are attempting to better educate the public and CU students about evolution and the science that has developed from it. We hope to bring in a crowd of people who accept evolutionary theory already, but are aiming it even more to people who either outright do not believe in it or drastically misunderstand it. The topics have been tailored to answer the most basic objections presented at evolution, such as how humans evolved and where morals come from an evolutionary standpoint. We've also included lectures that address objections that are not directly related to evolution but are still affiliated with it, such as how life, the universe and everything could have been created naturally. We will be showing "Darwins Dangerous Idea" from the "Evolution" documentary series by PBS from 2001.