Darwin Day Celebrations on the Horizon

Last year, UnitedCoR’s executive director, wrote a series of three articles on archival materials regarding the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species in celebration of Darwin Day 2015. This year, the American Humanist Association is once again sponsoring Darwin Day 2016, complete with a website and Twitter feed. This is an exciting time of the year for local CoRs, as there have been Darwin Day resolutions put forward in both the US House of Representatives and Senate, not to mention the 2015 launch of Iron Range CoR in Duluth, MN who used the occasion of Darwin’s birthday to raise their CoR’s profile in the public eye.

As you can see, Connecticut CoR is preparing for a Darwin Day Dinner, while the up-and-coming Delaware CoR has the distinction of being the first CoR in 2016 to receive a Darwin Day proclamation from their Governor. If your CoR has been successful with receiving Darwin Day resolutions, please let UnitedCoR know so that we can help advertise your successes through our newsletter as well as through our Facebook page.