CoR Projects

Butte County CoR Projects

Chico City Council Religious Invocations. See the front page of this web site for the latest! We have been invited to deliver secular invocations.

Jul-24-2013 – FFRF Letter to the Mayor of Chico
Jul-27-2013 – Petition to Chico Mayor to stop religious invocations

Want to listen to a sample of the religious invocations at the Chico City Council meetings?
May 21, 2013
June 4, 2013

Want to listen to a sample of the religious invocations at the Paradise Town Council meetings?
(turn up the volume)

January 8, 2013
May 14, 2013

CoR Billboard Campaign
Dec-05-2012 – Historic Chico Billboards deployed.

Remember: You MUST wear a helmet and safety vest (supplied for you) to go out on the highway.
Remember: You MUST watch the safety video before you go out on the highway.
Remember: You MUST send us an
email so we can get your gear for you.

Directions and more Info     Watch the Safety Video

Pickin' Up the Trash – ABC has met the CalTrans requirement – 12-13 pickups for 2013 and for 2014.
Now we are doing it again in 2015.
Jan-25-2015 – We picked it up
Feb-22-2015 – We picked it up
May-03-2015 – Scheduled

May-17-2015 – Scheduled

Adopt-a-Highway-Jan-23-2013 – Signs are up  < some photos

Jan-05-2013 – Safety training completed for work team of nine.
Dec-19-2012 – George and Mike attend Safety Training
Dec-06-2012 – Per CalTrans instructions, have call in to the Dept. Rep in Chico and waiting for return call.
CalTrans program applicaiton – Accepted
CalTrans Permit – Approved

KCHO Radio Spring Peldge Drive
Apr-21-2013; 3pm

KZFR Radio Pledge drive –  Completed
Oct-27-2012 George and Cynthia – ABC on the air!

CoR Media Training – Completed
Aug-18-2012 Fred Edwords training in Chico, CA

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