Controversial Billboards Pop Up In SD

by Laura Monteverdi, KDLT | Billboards are everywhere, lining the roads and highways and doing their job of catching a driver's attention.

But one billboard is causing some drivers to do a double take. The newest additions to South Dakota roads and interstates are hard to miss.

The words, "Don't believe in God? Join the Club, "superimposed over an image of the Earth, no doubt catch your eye. But what exactly is the message behind them?

"We are just looking for other non-believers in South Dakota and letting them know that there are groups across the state and we're here and they're not alone, so to come out and join us," said Amanda Novotny.

The appearance of these larger than life posters marks the formal launch of the South Dakota Coalition of Reason, an alliance of the seven atheist and agnostic groups in the state. (View Full Article)