“Contradiction” – Colorado Movie Premiere 2015

Several COCORE groups invite Colorado residents to attend the local premiere of the movie: " Contradiction: A Question of Faith " by Jeremiah Camara. The film confronts the paradox of church saturation in Black neighborhoods throughout the United States that far too often are coexisting in the midst of poverty and powerlessness. Why are there so many churches yet so many problems? This is a serious question that is addressed in a way that has never been done before.

This Advanced Screening of the Movie CONTRADICTION" followed by Question & Answers with Producer / Director Jeremiah Camara

Tickets are $15, available online and at the door.

Camara is author of "Holy Lockdown" and "The New Doubting Thomas", amongst other works, and is the owner and operator of the website www.twelvehp.com where you can find links to his videos “Slave Sermons”. His new 90-minute film focuses on the issue of black religious belief and its possible negative impact on the African-American Community.

Camara seeks to address questions such as:
Why does the black community remain so dedicated to faith when all the prayer, church membership, and religious ritual in the world hasn’t taught blacks how to own businesses, gain a true education, and ultimately break the cycle of poverty that keeps this ethnic group bonded to its religious traditions? What has been the collective impact of church loyalty and deep faith? In Contradiction, Jeremiah Camara travels around the country examining the saturation of churches coexisting in the midst of dependency and powerlessness. Camara seeks to find if there is a connection.