Columbus, Mansfield Celebrate Darwin Day With Education

Darwin honored with science book donations, educational events and celebrations.

"Darwin Day is a celebration of science and reason held on or around the February 12th birthday of evolutionary biologist Charles Darwin." says Mid Ohio Atheists (MOA) President Ron Stephens in announcing their February 10th event. This year MOA’s Darwin Day celebration is an educational event designed for elementary school students from the Mansfield area. Author Mary Anne Farah of Canada will read her e-book, Pepper’s Special Wings – A Story About Natural Selection. Children will see how Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory of natural selection works, using words and colorful artwork they can understand. There will also be a presentation on Evolution and the life of Charles Darwin given by MOA Director and Vice President Drenn Workman. The event will be at 3:00 PM at the Holiday Inn & Conference Center, 116 Park Avenue West, Mansfield.

Nontheists of CSCC are meeting Monday February 11 at 11:00 AM for a Darwin Day Celebration. This group is for atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, and freethinking students at Columbus State Community College. In honor of Darwin’s considerable scientific contributions, they plan to watch videos about evolution, eat pizza and chat.

Central Ohio United Non-Theists (COUNT) is planning to celebrate Darwin Day while collecting books for donation to the Ronald McDonald House which hosts families of children who are patients at Children’s Hospital. COUNT will be collecting new or gently used science books that are appropriate for children up to 18 years old. "We will be labeling the inside of the books donated by COUNT members and include our meetup address. The goal is to reach out to people and show them how important the Non Theist community is, as well as provide educational material to enjoy." says event organizer Barbara Chester. "We want to show that you can be Good without God!"

Mid Ohio Atheists, based in Mansfield, has a significant history of charitable activity (see Nontheists of CSCC (see is affiliated with the Secular Student Alliance, a network of over 180 atheist, agnostic and humanist groups on high school and college campuses around the world which is headquartered in Columbus. COUNT is a new Columbus group that emphasizes volunteering and outreach (see All three groups are members of the Columbus Coalition of Reason.

Postscript added 2/12/2013

  • The Secular Student Alliance (SSA) at NCSC/OSU Mansfield got top billing in the recent In50 News letter. The story announced their 2/12 Darwin Day event.
  • Atheists of Columbus dedicated their 2/8 meeting to Darwin.
  • The COUNT Darwin Day event had 17 attendees and collected over a dozen books to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.
  • There were 18 attendees at Mid Ohio Atheists 2/10 Darwin Day event (see article in the MOA February newsletter).
  • The Ohio Wesleyan University (OWU) Freethinkers is honoring Darwin on February 15 by looking at the controversies with the teaching of evolution and creationism. "Should people be aware of the differing ideas of our origins? Should we put ideas of creation in textbooks for public schools? Should it only be taught in private schools that believe in creationism? Bring your thoughts and ideas to the Library Cafe at noon on Friday!"

SSA at NCSC/OSU Mansfield, Atheists of Columbus and OWU Freethinkers are also members of the Columbus Coalition of Reason.