Columbus CoR Welcomes Recovering From Religion, CSCC Nontheists & First UU Atheists/Agnostics/Skeptics

Three groups were added as members of the Columbus Coalition of Reason in November.

Recovering From Religion Columbus Chapter is a support group encouraging and supporting those who are considering the possibility of a life free from faith. Recovering from Religion seeks to help you work through religious claims and assures you that YOU are not crazy for no longer believing. The Columbus chapter is affiliated with the national organization at Dan DeMura, facilitator of this group, is a former minister who is part of The Clergy Project, a confidential online community for active and former clergy who no longer hold to supernatural beliefs. You may join the group on Meetup and participate in discussions on Facebook.

Nontheists of Columbus State Community College (CSCC) is an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance. This group is for the atheist. agnostic, secular humanist, and freethinking students at Columbus State Community College. Most meetings are limited to CSCC students and faculty members. The group recently sponsored an excellent talk by Dan Barker of Freedom From Religion Foundation and graciously invited the general public. The group hosts a web site and Facebook page.

The First Unitarian Universalist (UU) Church of Columbus has an Atheist/Agnostic/Skeptic circle. This group is listed on the church’s web site) and meets at 7:00 PM on the 4th Tuesday evenings of most months at 93 West Weisheimer Rd. No registration is required to attend the monthly discussion forum that focuses on topics of interest to atheists and agnostics within the community. The First UU church was an outstanding venue for the recent Flying Spaghetti Monster Benefit for the Mid-Ohio Food Bank and supplied 14 volunteers (the most from any sponsoring group) to help make it a success.