Activities in Columbus CoR

Central Ohio is home to a number of Columbus CoR groups, each with its own focus and style. A variety of activities are offered (see events on the Events calendar). All member groups have a social component. Some groups have other types of activity such as education, charity, activism or support.

Activity Type Descriptions


Our groups seek to provide community for non-theists. It’s great to socialize with like-minded folks. Examples range from bike rides and picnics to meeting at a local pub/restaurant for drinks, meals and free form discussions. Note that you don’t have to eat (or drink) to participate.


Education is popular in our community. Many meetings feature speakers, debates or group discussions with pre-announced topics. Non-members are often welcome, especially when a nationally known speaker is in town.


Our member groups regularly hold volunteer events: Red Cross blood donations, Adopt-A-Mile highway cleanup, etc. and we usually incorporate socializing and fun. See some examples. Columbus CoR itself has an annual benefit:


Our leaders are vocal about discrimination against non-believers and issues affecting the reputations of non-theists. Although our group members sometimes have diverse political viewpoints, members from a group may march or demonstrate together. Many have marched in the annual Stonewall Columbus Pride parade and some lobby state and local lawmakers with Secular Coalition for Ohio or the annual Northeast Ohio Center For Inquiry Secular Summit event.

Support Group

Central Ohio Gay Atheists and Recovery From Religion function as peer support groups with attendees talking through problems and sharing experiences.


Some larger groups have several recurring meetings with different types of activity. We indicate various as their primary activity when no one category can be selected.

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