About Us

If you don't believe in God, you are not alone.

The Columbus Coalition of Reason (Columbus CoR) is an exciting group of organizations in Central Ohio, each of which celebrates a human-centered and naturalistic approach to life. For us, non-dogmatic and rational approaches to ethics, culture and the human experience are the most meaningful and satisfying.

We invite you to explore all the Groups. Find one or two that interest you the most, and contact them. You're sure to find interesting people who are engaged in the world around them and who live meaningful, fulfilling lives based on reason and compassion.

Who Are We?

The Columbus Coalition of Reason (Columbus CoR) is a group of like-minded member organizations from throughout Central Ohio that all believe that science and reason lead to more reliable knowledge than dogma and faith.

Columbus CoR is a "group of groups" without individual people as members run by volunteers from our member groups. All members of Columbus CoR groups are part of Columbus CoR.

Purpose of Columbus CoR

The purpose of Columbus CoR is to connect, support, organize, and strengthen the non-theistic Central Ohio community.

Individuals who do not believe in a god or gods are not alone! Recent polls indicate that approximately 20% of Americans do not believe in god(s) and/or identify themselves as "not religious."

Columbus CoR organizations give these individuals information, support, and a sense of community. Together we are working to move society forward with a firm reliance on reason and humanity.

Join Columbus CoR

For questions or media inquiries about Columbus CoR, or to become a member organization of Columbus CoR, please contact us: Columbus CoR Coordinator

Individuals who belong to a Columbus CoR member organization and wish to help out with Columbus CoR activities, please email [email protected].

For all other inquiries, please go to the Groups page and directly contact the group(s) which interest you.

Please join us!

But even if you never join a group or attend a meeting, you can help us move forward by supporting our local or national organizations, or simply by standing up for an ethical, evidence-based worldview among your friends and family.