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utah atheist groupsThe Utah Coalition of Reason is a resource for free-thinking Utahans unit­ing the var­i­ous Utah atheist, humanist, secular and non-theistic orga­ni­za­tions through­out the state. The Utah Coalition of Reason is affiliated with United Coalition of Reason. If you have an open mind and are look­ing for ways to clar­ify your crit­i­cal thinking skills, we hope you’ll find these resources help­ful.

How is cooperation achieved?

Group leaders in a given city or region are brought together for the purpose of establishing a coalition. This local coalition is then used to foster joint activities among the groups and raise the collective public profile of the local community of reason itself. Such coalitions across the country are then placed in communication with each other so they may share ideas and resources.

Services offered

The services offered by the Utah Coalition of Reason:

  • Provides a way for different non-theistic groups to work together and participate in the events that most interests them.
  • Provides press-support and social media coordination for all groups.
  • Provides a local, single source for all upcoming events and information related to the Utah non-theist groups.
  • Provides group page space on our website.

The Nature and Purpose of Local Ad Campaigns

The ad campaigns are generally take the form of prominent highway billboards and placards on the sides of buses or in subway stations. The main reason for doing ad campaigns is not to change people into atheists but to serve those who are already atheists but unaware of the groups and services that exist.

When was Utah CoR founded?
The Utah Coalition of Reason comprises individuals and group leaders from all over the state of Utah who have been meeting informally since 2010. During 2011 we have joined together as a Leadership Board (representing various non-theist groups in Utah) and Utah-CoR Officers (volunteers dedicated to uniting freethinking Utahans and working together to provide support and community resources).

How UnitedCoR is organized

Volunteers are recruited at local level. The Utah Coalition of Reason, and the groups it serves, need people to help with a wide range of tasks: from event organizing to publicity to website management. Interested individuals should contact us or an appropriate non-theistic group in their area.

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