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Orange County Coalition of Reason

The Orange County Coalition of Reason (OC CoR) is a collection of atheist, freethought and humanist groups working together to increase awareness of non-theist issues and foster community among members.

Each member group in the OC CoR is independently run and has a slightly different approach to the goal of spreading the idea of non-theism. We believe this to be our strength as a coalition – different people from different backgrounds can all find a group that matches their own approach toward these issues.

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Member Organizations of OC CoR

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is a national non-profit religious liberty watchdog organization that works to preserve the Constitutional Rights of religious freedom guaranteed to all Americans in the First Amendment to our Constitution. The Orange County chapter is dedicated to community activism including monitoring school boards and city council meetings, following and reporting on stealth candidates of the religious right, and monitoring pulpit electioneering. We also provide education to the community with monthly events and by providing speakers to other organizations. Please visit our web site for more information at:

Atheists, Agnostics, and Rationalists at UCI

Atheists, Agnostics, and Rationalists at UCI (AAR @ UCI) is dedicated to raising awareness of non-theists and non-theistic issues. Committed to a rational worldview, we cherish the contributions of the scientific community and universally oppose the undemocratic imposition of superstition and myth. We seek to correct the stereotype that non-theists are apathetic, immoral, and untrustworthy.

Atheists United Orange County

Meets once a month on the second Sunday in Irvine for all-you-can-eat breakfast for only $10 at the Tee Room 3100 Irvine Ave off the 73 freeway/

Backyard Skeptics

Backyard Skeptics is one of the most active groups with six chapters and over 1000 members. We meet monthly in Villa Park (next to the city of Orange) usually on the fourth Wednesday or Thursday.  You can freely talk about just about atheism, skepticism or any philosophy on non-belief. Only one person talks at a time so everyone can hear, (unlike a noise restaurant) and we usually have a topic or speaker for each meeting.  We also have diner-and-a-movie night, field trips,  and join forces with other groups for exciting events.

Our goal: To support the atheist/agnostic/skeptic and humanist community with local meetings, potluck parties, and other events. To educate the public that non-believers are part of the community and are good and moral people.  We cherish humanistic values over any supernatural superstitions and are good without God.  We encourage and educate others to look at their worldview with critical thinking skills.



Center for Inquiry, Orange County Community

CFI mission: “To foster a secular society based on science, reason, freedom of inquiry, and humanist values.”

CFI was formed in 1991 by Paul Kurtz as an umbrella organization to unite the CSI (Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, formerly CSICOP), with the CSH (Council for Secular Humanism). Specific goals of CFI are many, but emphasize:

– An end to the influence that religion and pseudoscience have on public policy.

– An end to the stigma attached to being a nonbeliever.

The CFI “communities” are designed to provide outreach to humanists and skeptics on a local level. The CFI-OC Community currently has meetings with guest lecturers once per month on the third Sunday of the month at the Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center, 1845 Park Avenue, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. For more info on meetings call 1 (323) 666-9797

Freethought Alliance

Freethought Alliance sponsores events such as  conferences and debates which are open to the public.  Frethought Alliance also publishes the Secular Gazette, an e-newsletter for agnostics, atheists, humanists and people who are interested in critical thinking and promoting science. (714) 998-4004

Friends of Freethought

Friends of Freethought is a secular non-profit organization dedicated to providing educational outreach and advancing the causes of reason, scientific literacy, and critical inquiry. We partner with charities and humanitarian organizations of Southern California through fundraising, volunteering, and networking. With positive engagement and support, we strive to improve the greater community we share with everyone.


Humanist Association of Orange County

The Humanist Association of Orange County (HAOC) is a chapter of the American Humanist Association. Our purpose is to promote ethical, naturalistic, democratic humanism among our members and in our community.

Our regular meeting is held on the third Sunday of the month. See our meeting notices at or contact us at [email protected].

Inland Empire Atheists, Agnostics and Skeptics

Inland Empire Atheists, Agnostics and Skeptics was founded in Riverside, California in 2006 as a community for freethinkers. We welcome atheists, agnostics, skeptics, brights, secular humanists and other freethinkers from all areas of the Inland Empire.

Our goals are to educate the public about the positive values of non-theism, to encourage critical thinking in all aspects of our lives, to promote the separation of religion and government, and to provide support to non-believers who are having difficulty in declaring their life stance. Our group provides a sense of community to our members through a monthly meeting and a wide variety of social events.

For more information, visit our web site at

Orange County Atheists

Orange County Atheists is a collection of like-minded folks in and around Orange County. We exist primarily as a social gathering group, meeting once a month over dinner and drinks to discuss religion, politics, and the news of the day.

In addition to our monthly dinners, our members also work with local and state government officials to further the interests of church-state separation. The group has been active in fighting city council invocations and religious displays in public and governmental places.

There are no membership dues and no hard roster – everyone is welcome to participate in our group. Find out about our next meeting and learn more at

Orange County Atheist Conversational Meetup

We are a group of secular people, atheists, agnostics and others who get together to be free of religious influence. We are a safe place for all rational and freethinking humans who want to come together and talk about anything under the sun, sure and safe in the knowledge that no one in the group will bring up the idea that the supernatural exists and has influence over us. We get that enough everywhere else in our lives. No debates, no confrontations with believers, just a gathering for a good time with like-minded people. Come and have some fun, great conversations with us!

Orange County Freethought Alliance

Next Freethought Conference – May 2011

Freethought Alliance (FTA) sponsors an annual secular conference for freethinkers in Costa Mesa, CA and invites many secular leaders from around the country to speak. FTA also holds smaller events such as interesting debates and discussions which are sure to stimulate the intellectual centers of all freethinkers and religionists alike. Our goal is to offer small secular groups from major metropolitan areas to join together once a year to celebrate their religious dogma free lifestyle and attend a local conference with world-renowned speakers.

Orange County Supper Club

The Orange County Supper Club meets once a month on a Wednesday ot Thursday at local restaurants to talk about all things skeptical.  The conversation can be very diverse as well, from science and cosmology to philosophy and ploitics.   The current location is Marie Calendar’s on Brookhurst St in Fouintain Valley just south of the 405 freeway.  Meeting starts at 7:30pm.  Contact Dave here  

Seal Beach/Long Beach Atheists

This atheist group is the first to meet on a public beach, where we can blend of social mixing and discussions,althought we meet at local restaurants during the colder months. If you attend, you will have a brief look at who we are, our political philosophy, what we mean by “SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE.” You will get some answers to basic questions about separation, and why we think this is important.we will discuss religious non-belief and the issues of living in a dominant Christian society that seems to want to render non-believers powerless and invisible and are concerned about the pro-religious bias they see in our government. Meet other local atheists and freethinkers. Gather to discuss beliefs and philosophies, politics and make new friends.


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