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Welcome to the OKC Coalition of Reason!

Whether you’re looking to join the club, or just looking around – welcome to the Oklahoma City Coalition of Reason!

The OKC CoR brings together freethought groups in the greater metro area to raise awareness of the existing (and growing) community of secular humanists, atheists, agnostics, naturalists, skeptics and freethinkers that can be found in Oklahoma.

Check out our Groups page to discover what our organizations are all about – from educational and activist to social and charitable, our organizations’ activities run the gamut.


Member Organizations

Oklahoma Atheists
Oklahoma Atheists (AOK) mission is to develop a community of individuals and families who value and promote critical thinking, freethought, reason and a scientific worldview – as opposed to the acceptance of faith and dogma – and who seek to have a positive effect on the community at large through fellowship, ethical and rational discussion, community service, and education.

Spanning a wide range (from educational to social), our activities include: dinner meetups, potlucks, family outings, debates, speeches, book clubs, volunteer opportunities, and political events and protests.

We welcome all who share the ideals of critical thinking and who reject religious dogma. In addition to cultivating a community, we wish to contribute to and put a face with all the positive things non-believers and people with a secular viewpoint are doing in the world.

The Norman Naturalism Group
Naturalism is the assertion that we live in one natural world and that supposed supernatural forces or events actually have natural explanations. If that's how you think, then you are a Naturalist.

The Norman Naturalism Group serves as a source of community and support for those content with or interested in the Naturalistic worldview – those who are happy with the scientific understanding of the world around us. Find good friends, great food and even better discussion at monthly potluck dinners and other events.

OKC Secular Parenting
This group consists of a variety of different families with secular lifestyles – some may consider themselves atheists, some agnostics, some secular humanists or naturalists, and many may consider themselves spiritual, but the common thread is that we all are raising our children without organized religion and want them to determine their own beliefs without teaching them any one belief system or dogma.

The main goal for the group is to create a community of like-minded people for families to take part in, similar to what religious people might find in a church setting. It seems that more and more families are choosing to raise their children without organized religion and are finding that they'd like to have that sense of community without compromising their beliefs (or lack thereof). Let's come together and build this community for ourselves and for our children!


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