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NEOHIOCoR, the Northeast Ohio Coalition of Reason, is a joint effort to help you connect to local freethought and humanist groups near you; to provide you with information and a sense of community; to give you a way to combine your voice with others who are ready to move society forward.

While all of these groups share common ground, each has its own particular emphasis and atmosphere. Some are focused on scientific inquiry and education. Others are focused on ethics and community. All are committed to promoting wider acceptance of a more rational and contemporary view of humanity and the universe we live in.

As more reason-based groups have sprung up around the country we feel that forging strong alliances will help us to achieve greater visiblilty and acceptance in our communities. Our the mission of our member groups is not to impose a belief system on anyone else but rather to provide a safe harbor for people who have never believed or now have doubts and no longer feel that organized religion serves a useful role in their lives.

Our member groups are extremely active socially, sponsoring lectures and presentaions on science and social issues, picnics, bicycle rides, freethought movies, hikes, tobogganing. The Humanist view is that life is now, and living a rich, moral and fulfilling existance is our highest goal.

We hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy some of the organizations, events and activities you can link to through this website. But even if you never join a group or attend a meeting you can help our region move forward by contributing to local or national participating organizations. And you can always help the cause just by standing up proudly for your reality-based worldview among your friends and family.



CLEVELAND FREETHINKERS  In its first seven years the Cleveland Freethinkers group has grown to over 900 members, showing the need for this type of organization in Northeast Ohio. The Cleveland Freethinkers is a less-structured, laid back sort of group- its emphasis is on social gatherings, both in-person and on its very active online forum. Its social events include discussions, attending science and humanism-themed events, picnics and hikes. Members of The Cleveland Freethinkers have also shown a willingness to delve into activism, often working in tandem with members of CFI–NE Ohio and the Northern Ohio Freethought Society (NOFS). To join the Cleveland Freethinkers, click on the link above (membership is free). You can also join them on Facebook Here.

Contact: [email protected] or [email protected]

CENTER FOR INQUIRY NORTHEAST OHIO (CFINO) CFI Communities are groups of secular humanists, atheists and skeptics that sponsor local events, activism, lectures and educational programs. CFI–NE Ohio is the area’s longest-lived secular humanist organization, having been formed in 1994 as The Free Inquirers of Northeast Ohio. The group became an official chapter of the Center for Inquiry in 2002. CFI–NE Ohio has sub-chapters in both the Akron and Cleveland areas that provide a variety of educational, entertainment and social events. The group also sponsors an annual “Secular Summit”, at which attendees visit the Ohio Statehouse to interact with their respective State Legislators. For more information, to join or to check out upcoming events, click on the link above or visit CFI–NE Ohio on at

Contact: [email protected] or President Monette Richards at [email protected]

NORTHERN OHIO FREETHOUGHT SOCIETY (N.O.F.S.) The Northern Ohio Freethought Society was formed as an official chapter of the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) in March 2013. The group’s focus is on secular activism. In addition to keeping an eye on regional church/state issues, N.O.F.S. launched a very successful billboard campaign in May and June of 2014. As part of FFRF’s “Out of the Closet” campaign, the billboard ads featured images of area atheists & agnostics along with their own personalized messages. The goal of the ad campaign was to present area non-theists in a positive light, in hopes of inspiring more nonbelievers in the region to stand up and be recognized. N.O.F.S. also sponsors a yearly counter-protest of the National Day of Prayer, and is currently planning their next venture into secular activism. You can view the billboards and obtain more info by clicking on the above link, or you can join the group on at or on Facebook here.

Contact: Marni Huebner-Tiborsky (Director) at [email protected]

SECULAR STUDENT ALLIANCE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON (AKRON SSA) The Secular Student Alliance at Akron University is part of an educational nonprofit that works to organize and empower nonreligious students around the country. Its primary goal is to provide a welcoming community for secular students to discuss their views and promote their secular values. In addition to holding regular meetings during the school year, the Akron SSA has held special events such as “Hug an Atheist” Days. In October 2013 the group held its first full-scale conference, The Sexy Secular Conference, which was free to attend and featured many prominent speakers and activists. Several Akron SSA members were featured in billboard ads during FFRF’s Cleveland/Akron “Out of the Closet” campaign in Spring of 2014, which prompted this wonderful front-page article in the Akron Beacon Journal.


EASTERN OHIO FREETHINKERS Are you a Humanist, Freethinker, Rationalist, Philosopher, Agnostic or Atheist? If any of these terms apply to you, you will fit right in to the Eastern Ohio Freethinkers group. This group is for the benefit of those in Eastern Central Ohio who have a rationalist outlook, to share thoughts and ideas with good neighbors. If you live in the Tuscarawas valley area and value intelligent discussion then you’re our kind of people! We know there are people in the area who would welcome a chance to get together with friends to discuss the events of today. We know that even in today’s internet society, there is a huge need for friendships and casual face-to-face conversations. Since the time of our distant ancestors, nothing has soothed the tribal spirit more than sitting around the fire and discussing interests of the day!

Contact: [email protected] 

KENT STATE FREETHINKERS Founded in the Fall of 2008 to give a voice to those that stand up for science and reason.  We hope to build a community of freethinkers, skeptics, rationalists, naturalists, and secular humanists on Kent State’s campus network.

Contact: [email protected]

CSU NON-PROPHETS The Cleveland State University Non-Prophets is a group for atheists, agnostics, skeptics, secular-humanists, free-thinkers and non-religious of all sorts who come together with like-minded individuals to discuss what binds us together. We are an affiliate of the Secular Student Alliance and our purpose is to foster a positive image of free-thinkers and non-faith based believers of all sorts. Dedicated to the promotion of science critical-thinking, and reason, we provide a forum for open discussion of all beliefs to gain a deeper understanding of our world.

Contact: [email protected]


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