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The Kansas City Coalition of Reason is made up of atheist, freethought, and humanist groups working together in the Kansas City area. Our twin goals are to foster a sense of community among the like minded and raise public awareness that people who don’t believe in a god or gods can be decent citizens who contribute to the larger society.

So, if you are of a secular mind, you aren’t alone. Thousands of your friends and neighbors in this area think and feel as you do. And there are local groups that advance your views and welcome your participation! This website will help you find events to attend, activities in which to participate, people with whom to socialize, and groups to join.

After all, like everyone else, we benefit from a supportive community for friendship, learning, social service, and activism. Moreover, atheists and agnostics make up a significant portion of the population, both nationally and globally, outnumbering most religious and other minorities combined. For example, the American Religious Identification Survey reports that 12 percent of Americans are nontheistic. This places us as one of the largest minorities in America. Yet we don’t enjoy the benefits of our numbers because we aren’t well organized. This coalition is here to change that.

To the traditional religious community we want to say that, although we nontheists are without a belief in the supernatural, we do share the compassionate human values that most people embrace. As hard working, tax-paying, ethical citizens, we care deeply about our families, our communities, our state, our nation, and the world.


Black FreeThinkers of KC

The black community has strong ties to religion. It’s cultural, which makes being a black freethinker extremely difficult.  Regardless of where you’re at in your journey, there are friends waiting to help you. You’re not alone.  The purpose of this group isn’t to separate us from other freethinkers.  It’s to change the perception that being black automatically means you believe in the supernatural.  It’s to provide support.  We can and do lead positive, fulfilling lives without a higher power.

This group is open to freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, deists, or whatever label you feel comfortable with…and yes, even open minded theists!

Kansas City Atheist Coalition


The word atheist has become a dirty word in our society. We're changing that. As we work for awareness and acceptance, we're also fighting the perception that this is a Christian nation and all that entails. Activism brings strangers together for discussion, and we want to encourage this.


Many charities are dominated by religious institutions and in order to make a difference in causes we care about, atheists have had to stay silent and blend in or risk being ostracized. We want to declare ourselves moral without mythology and help our fellow human beings on our own terms.


A social and support network for the scorned segment of atheists in Kansas City is something we will continue to build. We want to help atheists reach out to each other and together develop a comfort level in announcing to the rest of the community their lack of belief.


Kansas City Oasis Empowered by reason, connected by compassion.
  • φιλοσοφία
  • philosophia
  • philosophy

These all mean, literally, "love of wisdom"

Do you wonder about how much you really know, or how you know it? Do you want to understand how to be a good person, and how to recognize this in others? If you think these questions are not only interesting, but essential in your daily life, then you are a philosopher too – and we would like to meet you.

As long as you are prepared to question your beliefs and those of others, all points of view are welcome.

Come to learn something, come to meet some new friends, come to have some fun.


Provacateurs and Peacemakers

THE PROVOCATEURS – Science • Philosophy • Spirituality • Atheism —> Provocative Discussion

  • Want to hear differing viewpoints in rational dialogue?
  • Want deep discussion on issues that matter?
  • Want to make friends across the aisle?

Come exploring with us at our next meeting of The Provocateurs. We meet twice a month and have no trouble being provocative — our only rule is that we give everyone a chance to talk and hear them with respect. Come to learn — and to give us a piece of your mind.

Freethinkers of Eastern Jackson County, MO
Freethinkers of Lee’s Summit, MO


Recovering from Religion

Recovering Religionists are people discovering the joy of living superstition free. Individuals who want to interact with others who are escaping their religious upbringing and want the social support that religion offers, without all the religious and superstitious baggage. Instead of praying for you, we will listen and support you.

We will challenge you to think for yourself and to think rationally about the problems we all face in life. We will encourage you to seek the best answers and avoid the easy ones that religion uses to trap and ensnare.

We welcome anyone, but we are not interested if you are coming to share your faith or tells us about your god, Jesus, or Allah. You can leave your tea leaves and crystals at home.



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