Iron Range Coalition of Reason


The Iron Range Coalition of Reason (IRCoR, pronounced “ear-core”) consists of non-theist groups in North Eastern Minnesota.  Its twin goals are to:

a)  foster a sense of community among groups of like-minded people, and
b)  raise public awareness that non-theists are good neighbors and citizens.


  • Grand Rapids Area Freethinkers

    Grand Rapids Area Freethinkers are dedicated to building a welcoming atheist community that actively promotes secular values through educational programs, social activities, and participation in public affairs.

  • Lake Superior Freethinkers

    Lake Superior Freethinkers is a friendship group in support of morality without superstition, freedom from religions, separation of church and state, and rational thought.

  • UMD Secular Humanist Association

    The purpose of the Secular Humanist Association at the University of Minnesota Duluth is to help others – not because of religious obligation, fear, or guilt, but out of compassion and care.

  • Big Water Freethinkers

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