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The Central Coast Coalition of Reason is an alliance of atheist, freethought, and humanist groups working together on the Central Coast of California. Our goals are to foster a sense of community among like-minded people and raise public awareness that those who don’t believe in a god or gods are ethical and contributing members of our community.

So if you are of a secular mind, you are not alone. Thousands of your friends and neighbors in this area think and feel as you do. There are local groups that advance your views and welcome your participation! This website will help you find social and community events, charitable activities and political actions in which to participate.

The Central Coast Coalition of Reason is made up of four community groups that work together on many events and activities. Our groups are Atheists United SLO, Alliance of Happy Atheists (California Polytechnic State University student group), the Santa Barbara Humanist Society and SLO Secular Families. Click on the Groups tab to learn about our groups.

For more information contact us at: [email protected]



Atheists United SLO

Atheists United SLO is a meeting place for all atheists, agnostics, and science-based skeptics to get to know each other, share ideas and build a community of like minded individuals in San Luis Obispo County. We have a vibrant and active organization that offers a variety of events to suit individual interests.

With 300 members, support for a secular and religion-free lifestyle in our small community is strong.

Whether you’re just looking for a social outlet to meet other-non believers or you want to engage in more atheist activism, discussions and reading, we have activities planned that welcome your involvement.

Email: [email protected]
Website: auslo.org

Alliance of Happy Atheists

The Cal Poly Alliance of Happy Atheists(AHA!), formerly the Cal Poly Brights, is the only officially recognized group for secular students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. With a membership of over 200, connections to the local community and national organizations, we are also one of the largest groups of this kind on California’s beautiful central coast. Our focus is on providing an open and inviting community for all students, staff and faculty members who are skeptical of religious claims. Our events include Transfaith discussions, game nights, barbeques, club meetings, study breaks, and monthly volunteer opportunities. We encourage participation from Cal Poly students as well as those attending Cuesta College and area high schools in all of our events. For more information on what we’re about, please read our Mission Statement and the FAQ. For more information on Alliance of Happy Atheists events, see our calender or click get involved above.

Email: [email protected]
Website: ahaslo.org

Humanist Society of Santa Barbara

The Humanist Society of Santa Barbara welcomes all, and we extend a special invitation to thosewho might call themselves atheist, agnostic, skeptic, freethinker, unbeliever or non-religious.

  • Humanism is a rational philosophy informed by science, inspired by art, and motivated by compassion.
  • Affirming the dignity of each human being, it supports individual liberty and opportunity consonant with social and planetary responsibility.
  • It advocates the extension of democracy and the expansion of the open society, standing for human rights and social justice.
  • Free of supernaturalism, it recognizes human beings as a part of nature and holds that values — be they religious, ethical, social, or political — have their source in human nature, experience, and culture.
  • Humanism thus derives the goals of life from human needs and interests rather than from theological or ideological abstractions, and asserts that humanity must take responsibility for its own destiny.

Contact: [email protected]
Website: santabarbarahumanists.org

SLO Secular Families

SLO Secular Families exists to help parents in our community find like minded friends and organize play dates, coffee dates, BBQs (etc.) where the words “what church do you go to?” are never uttered.

Facebook Group: SLO Secular Families

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