Choosing a Future, Coping With the Past: Michigan in 2018?

The Humanists of Southeast Michigan and the Center for Secular Humanism are proud to present Mr. Jack Lessenberry as their guest speaker on Sunday, January 21 at 12:30 PM at the Birmingham Temple (Congregation for Humanistic Judaism), located at 28611 W. 12 Mile Road, Farmington Hills.

Mr. Lessenberry, the head of the journalism faculty at Wayne State University, is WUOM-FM’s senior news analyst and delivers daily essays and commentary on important Michigan issues.  He has written for such esteemed publications as Vanity Fair, Esquire, George, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe.

Mr. Lessenberry’s talk, entitled “Choosing a Future, Coping With the Past: Michigan in 2018?” will kick off the fourth year of the Humanists of Southeast Michigan’s season.

We invite ALL secular-friendly people to attend this wonderful event!