Chico in the News Across the Country

December 18, 2012 – Chico, California. by George Gold, Coordinator Butte County Coalition of Reason. Hot links to some of the many stories that ran in newspapers and blogs across the country celebrating our CoR Project. These billboards have been the talk of the town ever since they went up on December 5, 2012. This morning walking from Starbucks to work, I overheard a young couple walking arm in arm in an animated discussion about the billboards.

Chico Enterpise Record – Front Page – 12-10-2012

Chico News and Review – 12-13-2012

Chico News and Review Editorial – 12-27-2012

Chico Enterpirse Record Editorial – 12-14-2012

Paradise Post Editorial – 12-28-2012

Atheist Billboards – Video

KRCR TV – Chico – Pro-Atheist Signs Pop Up in Chico

Sojourners Faith in Action for Social Justice – 12-18-2012

Religion News Service – Kimberly Winston – Freethought reporter

Yuba Net – Godless Billboards Blanket Chico-12-10-2012

The Friendly Atheist blog. Hemant Mehta, Foundation Beyond Belief, Chicago Teacher.

Atheists Inflame Local News Anchors With Billboard Campaign, Residents Hilariously Unaffected
Butte County Anti-Religious Signs

The Washington Post

Chico ER Letter to the Editor – 12-22-2012 – no reply allowed

Chico ER Letter-12-26-2012: Vandalism Called for?

Chico ER Letter-12-21-2012: Don’t Pass Judgment

Chico ER Letter-12-21-2012: Another Community Organization

Chico ER Letter-12-21-2012: Respect Billboard Debate

Chico ER Letter-12-18-2012: Thanks for Reporting Billboards