Checking-In with a Chaplain: Bart Campolo

by Bart Campolo
Humanist Chaplain—University of Southern California

Dear Friends,

For a person whose good work depends on financial supporters, I sure am lousy at letting people know how that good work is going. Part of the problem is that the people I’m trying to reach, inspire and nurture are always right in front of me, with urgent questions and immediate needs, while those of you who stand behind me are, well…standing behind me, making no demands. Still, I know you’re back there, and I know I ought to be sharing my stories with you, to show how this whole Humanist ministry thing really works. Honestly, the main thing stopping me is just that I’m such a painfully slow writer.

So then, at the end of another ridiculously uncommunicative year, I’m trying something completely different. Ladies and gentleman, please give a listen to this special edition of my podcast, which is really just me sitting at the kitchen table, talking to you about what I’m doing out here in Los Angeles and why I’m so excited about it. Let me know if you like it and I’ll tell you more.

You know, every so often I scroll though the names on this email list, happily counting how fortunate I am. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for being one of them.

Your friend,


Listen to my podcast, Humanize Me, on iTunes.