CBS47 News Reports on Billboard

The local CBS affiliate, KGPE TV CBS47, aired its report tonight on Valley CoR’s new billboard.

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‘Don’t believe in God? Join us’ Billboard

Reported by: Alexandra Limon
Email: [email protected]

The Central Valley Coalition of Reason, or Valley COR, is behind a new controversial billboard in Fresno. The group says it isn’t meant to shock anyone or be sensational.

“We don’t really feel its too shocking in a generic way to mean supreme being. We’re not picking on any one way religion we’re not attacking a religion,” said David Costa, of Valley COR.

But the sign went up overnight and is just one block away from Fresno First Baptist. “For those atheist groups that are putting up these billboards, I want them to know that we don’t hate them. We don’t hate them if they oppose us,” says youth Pastor, Chris Aycock. His reason, “We are representing Jesus Christ the light of the world, in a world that is full of darkness.”

And that’s what the group says the awareness campaign is about. To fight negative impressions others have about atheists, “and really want to push the idea that a person can be good without a belief in a god,” says Costa.

They also want to let atheists and agnostics know there are groups for people just like them. The National United Coalition of Reason was started in 2009. The local branch, Valley COR, is brand new and this campaign is their official launch. They admit they want to get peoples attention as they drive by.

And it’s working.

“I was going to tell my wife, if we leave I want to see what’s that all about,” said one passerby.