Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma


Billboards arrive to promote freethought in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Billboard Targets Oklahoma Atheists Controversial billboard turns eyes upward Controversial billboard[gallery ids="815"]

Cross, Yes or No?

Channel 7 News Video of the Mt. Soledad Rally[gallery ids="934"]

Freeway Billboard Has Controversial Message

A shocking new billboard is sure to grab a lot of attention. It's scheduled to go up along side a San Diego freeway this week. The billboard will feature a picture of blue sky with puffs of clouds and the words, "Don't believe in God? You're not a

San Diego Coalition of Reason

Ah, swine flu. Or, maybe not. Maybe just regular flu. Either way, I’m not going to church today. It’s as good a time as any to spend some time with the Other Side, the crowd that doesn’t do church because they don’t believe in God.

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