Cary Shaw Opens CT Senate with a Humanist Invocation


Cary Shaw, President of the Humanists and Freethinkers of Fairfield County opened the Connecticut Senate Session on February 26th with a Humanist invocation. Following the invocation, Senator Majority Leader, Bob Duff thanked Cary and asked the Senate t ...

Secular Connecticut Testifies Against Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

House Bill 5044 in Connecticut will repeal the religious exemptions for school vaccinations that made it into Connecticut law in 1959 when 'Merica was in the middle of the cold war with the godless communists of the Soviet Union. The current law really ...

Darwin Day 2020 in Connecticut!


Once again Darwin Day in the U.S. is centered in Connecticut!  Thanks to the hard work of our friends at the American Humanist Association, Connecticut Senator Blumenthal and Connecticut Representative Himes have sponsored resolutions in the House and S ...

CT Darwin Day Proc 2020

Connecticut Coalition of Reason Elects New Officers for 2020


At the Connecticut Coalition of Reason’s (CT CoR) annual meeting on January 19th Ken Spencer, President of the Atheist Humanist Society of Connecticut and Rhode Island (AHSCTRI) and resident of Baltic was re-elected co-chair; Cary Shaw, President of th ...

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