Season of Reason – Spring 2019


Columbus CoR groups offer various options for community, charity and outreach! Black Nonbelievers Columbus CoR is now accumulating names of those interested in having a local chapter of Black Nonbelievers (BN). Because it is best for people of col ...

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Connecticut Coalition of Reason Elects New Officers for 2019


At the Connecticut Coalition of Reason’s (CT CoR) annual meeting on January 27th Carol Siddall, President of the Humanist Association of Connecticut (HAC) and resident of Southbury was re-elected co-chair; Ken Spencer, President of the Atheist Humanist ...

Equality 3, Privilege 0 in the War on Christmas in Connecticut


The imaginary War on Christmas seems to come to Connecticut every year.  This year Bethel resident, James Naddeo, wanted to put up a Holiday Display in response to the solitary creche displayed on the town green. Details aside, Residents of Bethel got ...

Columbus CoR Welcomes Atheist Membership for Equitable Nominations (AMEN)


Activist Group Joins Columbus CoR Atheist Membership for Equitable Nominations (AMEN), founded this Fall, is working toward the acceptance of atheists and nonreligious persons into society and government and holds representatives accountable to the gro ...

Slogan: After AMEN, the praying stops.

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