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Connecticut Coalition of Reason Elects New Officers for 2018


At the Connecticut Coalition of Reason’s (CT CoR) annual meeting on January 21st Dennis Paul Himes, Connecticut State Director for American Atheists and resident of Vernon was re-elected co-chair; Carol Siddall, President of the Humanist Association of ...

Boys Turn to Murder in Tribalism Experiment


While there will always be tragic accidents and forces of nature, we cause most human suffering ourselves. And most of our motivation to do that is driven by one factor: tribalism. Tribalism is the sense of belonging and loyalty to one’s own group of pe ...

When the Arab Who Invented Science Faced Execution

by Johnny Monsarrat The Arab who invented the scientific method was about to be crushed. It was the year 1011, and Alhazen, also known as Ibn al-Haytham, had run out of options. He knew that any day he would be put to death for his broken promises. The ...

Women’s March 2018: Power to the Polls


by Melissa Pugh, Grassroots & Outreach Coordinator—United Coalition of Reason #Timesup…This is the new grassroots hashtag used by women, as well as people who stand in support and solidarity with abused women, throughout social media. It became ...

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