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Godless life can be good, local group says on sign


Nonbelievers, you are not alone. That's the message the Center for Inquiry of Southern Arizona hopes to convey on a midtown billboard: "Are you good without God? Millions are."... [ MORE ]

New Local Coalitions Forming Across America


by Fred Edwords Though it isn’t national news yet, it soon will be. Local Coalitions of Reason are in the process of forming from coast to coast and will soon go public with their major advertising campaigns, paid for by the United Coalition of Rea

Fred Edwords Takes Helm of New Organization

United Coalition of Reason receives coverage in The New York Times (from Free Mind) Fred Edwords, former director of communications for the American Humanist Association, has accepted the position of leading a new nontheistic organization. The United Coa

Humanist Association of the Greater Sacramento Area Meeting Report

Fred Edwords Sailing on the Rising Tide of Humanism Having met with leaders of the various Sacramento area freethought groups in the morning, Fred Edwords addressed nearly thirty of us at our afternoon HAGSA meeting. Mr. Edwords, who has held both execu

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