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Atheists of Butte County
Why we are here? We would like to see a world where public places, public education and public policies were not being shaped by what religionists think their god commands. To sit by and watch this happen is no longer an option. As concerned members of our north state community we are coming together to be active citizens in the conversations about how we live our lives, both public and private. We direct our lives not an unseen power. You can have your own opinions but not your own facts.

We feel that the best way to ensure our future is to teach critical thinking skills at a young age. With school budgets being cut, science education is suffering and young children are getting fewer opportunities to learn how to think critically and for themselves.

As a group, Atheists are constantly at risk of discriminatory practices at the both local and the national level. The only way to change this is by coordinating our efforts and enforcing the secular vision of America’s founding fathers.

Promote reason, justice and compassion
Truly good decisions can only be made if they are based on sound information, not faith. It has been said, “faith is believing in something without evidence.” Critical thinking provides a methodology to assess any given claim, not by divining antiquated edicts to determine what is reasonable, just and compassionate. In today’s society, stoning just doesn’t seem just. We want to promote reason, justice and compassion at the local level, ABC members are helping children to think critically, monitoring the local political process, and providing useful voluntary services where needed. There are many national organizations that provide a variety of services and resources for non-believers. There are also many secular charities that help the needy without proselytizing. We are not alone in our struggle to promote reason, justice and compassion.

Separate church and state
During the historic struggles of women’s suffrage, civil rights, abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research and other critical issues, powerful religious factions have attempted to conform public policy to match their dogma.

The vision of America’s founders was to prevent religion from gaining special influence over public policy has become blurred and is in desperate need of refocusing. As rational patriots committed to a more just and compassionate society, we believe we have a responsibility to help refocus that vision.

Encourage a community of non-believers
It is easy to feel alone when you don’t share a core belief about reality that many of our neighbors hold so dear. We may be non-believers now but many of us came from supportive faith communities and miss the sense of belonging, purpose, and dedication. That’s where a group like ours comes in. ABC members meet regularly to share their lives, have some fun, and to be supported by like-minded folks who truly value what happens in this one and only life. We always welcome new members!

The President of the United States
When the President takes the oath of office, the President places his/her hand on the bible and swears to uphold the Constitution, the President does not place his/her hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the bible.

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"Science flies us to the moon. Religion flies us into buildings."The Fall of Foolish Faith, Victor Stenger, Physicist, PhD., UCLA Professor

Chico Skeptics
Mission statement
We believe in a physical universe, operated by natural causes, and understood through science and reason. Our mission is to promote humanistic ethics, secular government, and decisions based on evidence rather than faith.

We are a group of Chico residents and students who get together periodically to have intelligent conversations and enjoy the company of like minded people.

Think you might be a skeptic? Check out the Chico Skeptics website: www.chicoskeptics.org

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Skeptics / Atheists / Non-theists / Agnostics / Secular Humanists / Scientific Thinkers / etc. are all welcome, as well as the curious!

Secular Student Alliance
California State University, Chico Chapter (CSUC SSA)
is an official campus based organization open to students, faculty, staff and community members. We act as support for humanist, secularist, atheist, non-theist, and skeptical ways of living life on the ChicoState campus and surrounding area.

It is the purpose of the group…
– To fulfill the process of inquiry on the assertations made on campus and in the community
– To establish a positive social environment for Chico State students who are rationalists, freethinkers, non-theists, agnostics, humanists or skeptics; and to present a positive image of these views to the community
– To enrich Chico State campus life by sponsoring educational events such as debates, workshops, speakers, movies, and forums on matters of science reason and faith
– To continuously educate ourselves with regard to the beliefs of others so that we may truly understand their arguments and speak from a position of knowledge
– To continuously educate ourselves with regard to new scientific discoveries
– To engage the Chico community in issues of national and international import surrounding freedom of conscience and secular education, and establish relationships with other related organizations around the world to share ideas.
– To question all claims including ones that are generally accepted as true
– To find and conspicuously identify any and all logical fallacies perpetrated upon the campus and the community.

Contact the Secular Student Alliance at: [email protected]
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{All of our functions are judgment free events; pun intended}

Saved by Reason – The good news is that the communities of non-believers in the United States are growing rapidly every single year. In the last few years we have seen belief in god plummet a full ten percent! The bad news is, with prison populations also steadily increasing, a growing number of inmates are not being provided with legitimate non-religious programs and/or materials designed to help them reintegrate into society upon release. Almost without exception, upon release, to help inmates re-integration into society inmates are provided one form or another of religious dogma. The historical recidivist rate is a testament to the failure of blind adherence to a religious orientation as the primary tool that is supposed to foster reform.

Saved by Reason believes using these religious forms of beliefs inhibit the individual from truly progressing and reaching their full potential as rational and civilized human beings.
Saved by Reason is an organization aimed at teaching inmates and drug offenders critical thinking and moral reasoning skills through the use of the Socratic method. Saved by Reason works directly with inmates and publicizes the Saved by Reason Recommended Reading list throughout the prison system.
The Saved by Reason website also features a blog and forum for these struggling freethinkers once they have been returned to society.
The founder of Saved by Reason, Joshua Turner, is a reason reformed ex-skinhead gang member who is currently writing a book to be a companion to the Saved by Reason project: "Saved by Reason: How Atheism De-Converted a Neo-Nazi."


Chico FANSChico Freethinkers, Agnostics, Nonbelievers & Skeptics
Chico FANS was formed to facilitate a "meeting of the minds" among Freethinkers, Agnostics, Nonbelievers, and Skeptics in Chico, California and the surrounding areas. We gather to discuss beliefs and philosophies, hear provocative speakers, and make new friends. We have regular meetings, book discussions, film screenings, potlucks and other social events.

Chico FANS encourages a free exchange of ideas, no matter what they are; we welcome all philosophies and forms of opinion but expect and require that the discussion resulting from their expression is respectful to all. Chico FANS has regular membership meetings every other week on Fridays at 6:00 pm.
Visit our Meetup web page here.
Members also have the option of scheduling meetings as they wish, in addition to the regular meetings. Chico FANS has an active readers’ group which reads and discusses one book each month. If you have any questions about the group please feel free to contact one or both of the group’s organizers. Emails can be sent to us via the Meetup website.
Doubt everything. Find your own light. last words of Gautama Buddha