Basic Misunderstandings in the Bible

The April 2015 meeting of the Fredericksburg Secular Humanists will include a talk by Dr. Margaret Nydell, entitled "Basic Misunderstandings in the Bible". The topic presentation will be followed by informal discussions, cofee/tea and dessert are provided.
Monthly Meeting
Sunday, April 12, at 2:30 p.m.
Location: Salem Church Library
2607 Salem Church Road,
Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Much recent scholarship shows that traditional interpretations of the Bible are based on misreading, interpretation out of context, and myths.  Some common practices are actually "wrong" according to an enlightened analysis.  Many beliefs were adapted from other local religions and some religious requirements changed over time.
Similarly, there are widespread myths about Jesus— his birthplace, family, trial, burial, and divinity.  Jesus’ practices include social radicalism and (mistaken) predictions for the near future.   Christianity continued to develop long after Jesus’ time, notably through the influence of Paul (the real founder of Christianity as we know it).   
These ideas will be summarized and then open for discussion.
Speaker: Margaret Nydell taught Arabic at Georgetown University for many years.  Prior to that, she directed Arabic training for the Foreign Service Institute at the State Department.  She has lived in Egypt, Tunisia, and Saudi Arabia, and has traveled widely in the region.  Dr. Nydell is a specialist in Arabic regional dialects, and she has written texts to help transition from Modern Standard Arabic to six regional dialects, as well as a summary of features in colloquial Arabic.  Dr. Nydell is also the author of a well-known book about culture and society, Understanding Arabs.