A Bad Deal: Budget agreement advances school vouchers, trashes church-state separation


Secular News Daily by Rob Boston 4/12/2011 The 11th-hour budget deal that averted a shutdown of the federal government has been the talk of the nation. Pundits are going over the agreement with a microscope, listing the winners and losers. We already

Atheist clubs popping up in high schools


By Sara Lenz, Deseret News Thursday, April 7, 2011 The New York Times ran a story this week about the newest club at a Florida school called the atheist club. An atheist teacher is the advisor of the club and tells the kids that "as an a

Bill Allowing Teachers to Challenge Evolution Passes Tennessee House

Sciencemag.org by Sara Reardon 4/7/11 In a 70-28 vote today, the Tennessee House of Representatives passed HB 368, a bill that encourages science teachers to explore controversial topics without fear of reprisal. Critics say the measure will enable K

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